About the Band

Izzy The...what?

Unlike many bands, we don’t just play one style of music, nor do we leave you wondering why we’ve stopped after just an hour and a half. No, we offer a whole evening’s entertainment, comprising of over two hours of hi-energy, rockin’ songs from the band, plus recorded music through our p.a. system. Basically, from 8pm until late, we will provide you with wall-to-wall music. No need to hire a DJ - we can save you between £100 and £150 straight away; why bother going to the trouble of ringing Dave Double-Decks when we’ll do his job for nowt?

Not only do we have a huge repertoire of songs that are guaranteed to fire-up your party, we also have an interminable collection of songs that we can play through our p.a. system: rock, disco, party tunes, blues, country, chart...the works!

We are, quite simply, THE best party band around.

Izzy The...who?

So you’re probably thinking where on earth the name came from, right? Well, it originates from a book by a beat poet called William Burroughs and Izzy The Push was a character from his books.
It’s is a bit of a heavy read but worth checking out...you’ll discover that Izzy The Push isn’t the only name you’ll recognise from Burroughs' books. Steely Dan, DJ Spooky, Joy Division, The Simpsons, CSI - and there are many more - all make references to Burroughs’ work.

Izzy was formed in 1982 by Jake and the following few years saw a few personnel changes. Bob joined as singer in 1986, followed by Bert in 1987, and since then the line-up
only altered by the comings-and-goings of numerous bass players.  Sue joined late in 2012, on vocals and percussion, and Bran joined in 2014 to complete the current line-up.

The band started off playing original material, however, over the years they have been very much in demand as a party band who play a range of classic songs but try to include songs that are not often covered by other bands. Bob's huge vocal range and the fact that Jake, Sue, Bran and Bert all sing harmonies, has meant that Izzy are able to include songs by the likes of Queen that wouldn't have the same effect without the vocal harmonies.

Influences are also an important part of the chemistry within Izzy because the members all like different styles of music. Jake is a bit of a Jazz/Progger, Bob and Bran like Classic Rock, Sue likes songs from the shows, Country and Soul music, and Bert (who doesn't really like jazz or prog) much prefers Motown, Soul, Old Time Country and Psychedelic Rock music.

Although, collectively, we have successfully failed to gain any commercially noteable musical recognition worldwide, some former members of Izzy have gone on to work with the likes of The Rolling Stones, UFO and Everything But The Girl.

Our slogan, “Lock Up Yer Mothers” is a testament to our longevity as a band because when we first got together in the 80s, we were all in our 20s and our tagline then was “Lock Up Yer Daughters.”

From Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir', to Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls' and from Boston's 'More Than A Feeling' to Reef's 'Place Your Hands', we try to offer something a little bit
different from your average covers band.



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